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Professional website hosting for your business...

Your website hosting provider bears a lot of responsibility for the availability of your website - it’s vital you choose a web hosting provider you can trust.

Your business website is made up of numerous small files - text, images, videos - which are "hosted" on one of our servers. This is the physical location of your website. When an internet user visits your website, data is transferred from our server to their screen.

The larger those files, the more storage you need; and the more visitors you receive to your website, the more bandwidth (data transfer) you need.

As you can see, your hosting provider plays a huge role in both the uptime (availability) and speed of your website. But, it's not the only factor - so it's important to work with a web hosting provider that sees the full picture.

We look at your website, business needs and user behaviour to make sure your web hosting requirements are always met - keeping you online and giving your visitors the best experience.
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powerful business hosting features

control panel

Full access to manage your website and its services via cPanel, or ask us to do it for you, it's all part of the service.

managed migrations

Already have a website and want to migrate, let us help you migrate it over - ensuring everything is done correctly.

business grade email

If your running a website, you need great email services, we've got you covered with unlimited support.

ssl security included

Free and easy to setup SSL via LetsEncrypt available for every website - keeping you secure & compliant.

domain & dns management

Quality DNS is paramount for a domain, this is the first step a customer will take before hitting your domain.

wordpress optimised hosting

Using Wordpress ourselves, we know how to build the perfect hosting environment for you website.

optimised server caching

Get access to our optimised server caching or use Cloudflare CDN for additional website acceleration.

one-click app install

Install common apps in just a click. Alternatively, ask us to look at it and we'll do it for you in no time.

A different approach to business web hosting...

New to website hosting? It's possible you're in the right place - proud to be different.

If you have your own business website, you know you need hosting - but if you don't know much beyond that then it's easy to overlook it's importance.

The business website hosting industry has become a price-led, commodity-driven minefield. If you're only interested in how little you can pay for your hosting, rather than what you get then there will always be a cheaper provider out there.

We're different. Sure, we have all the same tech at our disposal but we apply a consultancy based approach to your hosting requirements.

We'll assess your business needs on an individual basis and are always available to offer support and guidance on anything internet-related. When was the last time you got your current hosting provider on the phone?
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Business web hosting with 100% uptime guaranteed


Our platform ensures your site remains online with the power of application-level fail-over technology, with real-time replication between nodes.

cPanel Powered

All customers get access to the industry-leading cPanel. Allowing you access to endless features in one easy to use control panel.


Our cloud infrastructure is built to handle any level of traffic, with both horizontal and vertical automatic scaling in place to cover any eventuality.

dns load balanced

Your DNS is hosted separately to your website hosting to ensure no single point of failure. With multi-location DNS we can ensure your site is always online.

data centre independent

In the extremely unlikely event of an entire data-centre outage, your sites will failover to an alternative data centre without downtime.

hourly backups

Your account is backed up hourly to an off-site location for the ultimate disaster recovery solution. Restore your WordPress site in seconds.

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Website hosting pricing explained...

We tailor our prices to your individual needs with no restrictions on features or support from our team.

You'll usually find that hosting packages are based on your allowance for four things - storage, traffic, features & support. This can make hosting plans look better than they are, and you'll often find you have to upgrade to a much higher plan to access what you need.

We're different, we don't restrict your access to web hosting features or (more importantly) how much we'll help you out. We don't meter your traffic either, instead we offer three premium plans based the one thing you can predict up front - how much storage you need, in other words - the size of your website.

Of course, if you have some special requirements for your website hosting you might find that you don't fit into one of these plans - but that's ok, it's just a starting point, speak to us and we'll put together the right custom plan for you.

Website hosting prices

starter plan

All features included
2 CPU Cores, 2 GB of RAM
Unmetered traffic
cPanel access
Dedicated support
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business plan

All features included
2 CPU Cores, 2 GB of RAM
Unmetered traffic
cPanel access
Dedicated support
select plan

unlimited plan

All features included
4 CPU Cores, 4 GB of RAM
Unlimited GB SSD
Unmetered traffic
cPanel access
Dedicated support
select plan
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