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Professional video streaming platform...

All-in-one fixed price solutions for your next video streaming project.

Whether you're looking to build the next subscription based streaming service, or just need a pop-up stage to stream your next live event - we've got you covered.

We've partnered with Zidivo to bring you the best in video streaming tech, wrapped up in our usual web design, hosting and marketing services.

This means that when you have a web project that involves video streaming, we can offer an all-in-one solution including a dedicated website built with all the features and functionality to give you what you need to make the project a success.
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video streaming

video website features


professional hosting

All websites are hosted on our premium grade servers in UK data centres ensuring maximum reliability.

streaming experts

All video streaming is handled directly by professionals from our partner company, Zidivo.


Unlimited 'rooms' or channels for your viewers to switch between all within your video website.
social media

chat room

Chat and social features to make your videos interactive for your audience to discuss and network in real time.
control panel

members only

Restricted access to only allow those who have pre-registered or been invited to view your video content.


Monetise your video content, requiring viewers to purchase access through your preferred payment provider.


Keep your website live indefinitely by adding replays of past live events as on-demand content.

white label

Fully white-labelled and in-keeping with your current branding on our domain or your own existing website.

Dedicated microsites for virtual events...

Everything you need to take your next concert, meeting, expo, conference, lesson or training session virtual.

When planning a video streaming project there is much more to consider than the video production side of things. There are real considerations for your website too.

Chances are, your current web developer isn't a streaming expert and your website hosting isn't setup to handle thousands of simultaneous visitors.

With a dedicated microsite you get all the tools and features you need wrapped up in a separate website with your current branding, on your current domain, but managed by us on our premium hosting.

This way, you get exactly what you need, without it impacting the performance of your existing website and when you no longer need it - we can just turn it all off.
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Video streaming pricing explained...

Flexible packages with everything you need for your streaming project bundled into a single cost.

The costs for a typical video streaming project can be broken down into two parts - the website, hosting and all it's features; and the streaming usage.

To build a brand new website to match your current branding with all the extra functionality needed for your video streaming project actually costs a lot less than you might think - much less than a typical project.

We have a set of specific tools that we work with regularly to achieve commonly required objectives. SEO and content are rarely the main focus, and if you have an existing website much of the design process will be laid out for us to work from - for this reason, the lead time is often much shorter too.

The streaming usage costs are based on how many people watch your video content and for how long - it's usually best to run a couple scenarios through to get a good estimate.

We're used to working to tight deadlines on these sorts of projects and are well positioned to give you everything you need to make it a success.
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