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Time to up your game with a new website...

Your website is your biggest asset in building an effective online presence. We're helping small businesses and start-ups all over the UK with website design.

You already know that having a conversion-focussed website is an integral part of your online business strategy. We're there for you at every step of the way to give you exactly what you need to make it a success.

We are a website design company with a singular focus - to help you build a website that helps you achieve your business goals, producing a truly measurable ROI.

We design and build attractive, feature-rich websites with speed, responsiveness and SEO in mind from get go.
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what you can expect from us

fully responsive

Every website we design and build is responsive and optimised for mobile and tablet devices as standard.

built for speed

Our design tools and build process combine with our premium hosting to produce lightening fast websites.

browser tested

Your new website will be fully tested and designed in such a way that it looks great across all major browsers.

seo ready

All our websites and designed and built with SEO in mind from the very beginning ensuring you rank well.

powerful cms

Our websites are built on the popular Wordpress framework making design updates quick and easy.

web & email hosting

Our maintenance packages all include premium website and email hosting on our own servers with little downtime.

conversion focussed

We get to know your business priorities and ensure your website is built with the end goal in mind from the off.

fully supported

Full support and advice on all aspects of the web is included in our hosting and maintenance packages.

Our approach to designing your new website...

All our web design and marketing services are completed in house - meaning we can really get to know your business and deliver most website projects within a month.

Website design can be a complicated topic; for some, the idea of choosing what colour to paint a wall can be a daunting task let alone talking web design, whereas others relish the opportunity to build something that reflects them and their business and come to us with pages of notes - both are absolutely valid.

We've been building websites since the early 00's and in that time we've worked with businesses and individuals of all shapes, sizes and requirements. In that time, we've learned that no two projects are the same so we tailor our approach accordingly. We specialise in working with small businesses and start-ups who are either looking to launch or freshen up their online presence. Our years of experience mean we ask the right questions up front to get a solid proposal in place from day one. Our typical web design projects involve three main phases:

Phase 1:
Initial Consultation & Discovery

All of our projects start the same, with a brief chat. This is where we will identify the scope of the project and is more of an internal process to enable us to accurately put together a quote than anything else. During this consultation we will discuss your overall objectives for the project.

This could be a simple rebuild and re-skin of your existing website, updating it to the latest design standards or it could be a brand new website for your business including an ongoing SEO strategy to promote your business.

Once all of your objectives are identified and we know where you are currently and where you want to be, we'll go away and write up a proposal with a firm quote and strategy for everything identified.

phase 2:
Prototyping & Wireframes

Once you agree to our proposal, we will start the process of building your new website. For us, this process starts with a sitemap and wireframe.

A sitemap is a visual representation of the structure of your website, it includes all the pages and any special functionality that can be triggered from that page (like a contact form).

From this, we create an editable wireframe. This is a very basic representation of each page that will appear on your website and is more about content and layout than it is design. We'll share this with you as a working document and is an opportunity for you to outline what needs to be included on each page.

phase 3:
Design & Build

Once you've signed off the wireframes, we'll go away and produce the first working version of your website, this usually takes around a week but every project is different - we'll give you an estimate at the time.

If you've opted for one of our SEO (search engine optimisation) packages, this is when the initial research will take place as we will make small alterations to your on page content and build based on this to give you the best opportunity of climbing the search rankings.

When version one is ready, we'll send it over to you for review - and we can keep going through revisions until you have a website that looks and performs exactly as you want.

recent web design projects

  • Zidivo is a video streaming startup that required an online presence to be established quickly in order to enter a competitive market. We backed up the new website with an extensive SEO and content marketing campaign. As a technology company it is important that the website not only looks great but performs well - we continue to maintain the Zidivo website ensuring it grows with the brand.
  • Elements came to us following a successful buyout and change in ownership. They felt the existing website had become stale and outdated, and that a new website was required that better reflected the new direction they wanted to take the brand. Much of the website content was already established so we were asked to focus on the design and usability of the website as well as action some SEO recommendations.
  • Unable to go ahead in 2020, the organisers of the Oba Nla Concert required a fully automated, ticketing system to take their popular event virtual. With very little lead time, we worked alongside streaming provider, Zidivo, to produce a pop-up website in their existing branding that has all the features they needed to make their event a huge success.
  • Sentry First is a cyber security startup that needed a website built from scratch to represent their brand online. We worked closely with the Sentry First team to gather all the relevant, highly technical, content required for the site and displayed it in an attractive way whilst maintaining their corporate image. We continue to support Sentry First with our website and email hosting services - making sure they're always online.
  • Tidy Times is a group of DJs that came together during the 2020 pandemic to bring live music to people at home. The website needed to be produced quickly and on-budget. The website needed to work well on mobiles as well as with their streaming provider. It was also paramount that the website was quick and easy for the Tidy Times team to update frequently, often during a live event - so we chose our build tools to reflect this.
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Your technical partner in everything digital...

More than just a web design agency, we're your all-in-one technical partner for navigating the web and everything digital.

There are many talented designers out there that can certainly deliver you an attractive website on budget - what makes us different is that we go way beyond that.

Our team have over 30 years of combined experience building businesses to operate in the digital space and all that experience and knowledge is boiled down into our core services.

When we plan your website project we really get to know your business and what's required to make it stand out online. As well as delivering the best website for your business, we can advise you on the most effective digital marketing strategies to promote your business and boost your online presence.
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Web design and development pricing explained...

So, how much does it cost to build a website? It depends - a £500 website looks very different to a £5,000 website.

We know we're one of the more affordable web design agencies out there (we've checked) ... that's because we have highly evolved internal processes, in short, we're more efficient.

What we can say, is that we will always advise on the best way to achieve your website objectives within your budget. But it is near impossible to give a firm price without that consultation as each project is unique - and that's what you're paying for, something unique rather than a cookie cutter website.

We can usually give a rough quote with a short five minute chat, so be sure to reach out and speak to a member of our web design team.
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