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Your website is your biggest asset in building an effective online presence. We're helping small businesses and start-ups all over Worcester with website design.
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Our approach to web design in Worcester...

Website design can be a complicated topic; for some, the idea of choosing what colour to paint a wall can be a daunting task let alone talking web design, whereas others relish the opportunity to build something that reflects them and their business and come to us with pages of notes - both are absolutely valid.

We've been building websites since the early 00's and in that time we've worked with businesses and individuals of all shapes, sizes and requirements. In that time, we've learned that no two projects are the same so we tailor our approach accordingly. We specialise in working with small businesses and start-ups who are either looking to launch or freshen up their online presence. Our years of experience mean we ask the right questions up front to get a solid proposal in place from day one.

Our typical project process looks like this...
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Phase 1: Initial Consultation & Discovery

All of our projects start the same, with a brief chat. This is where we will identify the scope of the project and is more of an internal process to enable us to accurately put together a quote than anything else. During this consultation we will discuss your overall objectives for the project.

This could be a simple rebuild and re-skin of your existing website, updating it to the latest design standards or it could be a brand new website for your business including an ongoing SEO strategy to promote your business.

Once all of your objectives are identified and we know where you are currently and where you want to be, we'll go away and write up a proposal with a firm quote and strategy for everything identified.

Phase 2: Prototyping & Wireframes

Once you agree to our proposal, we will start the process of building your new website. For us, this process starts with a sitemap and wireframe.

A sitemap is a visual representation of the structure of your website, it includes all the pages and any special functionality that can be triggered from that page (like a contact form).

From this, we create an editable wireframe. This is a very basic representation of each page that will appear on your website and is more about content and layout than it is design. We'll share this with you as a working document and is an opportunity for you to outline what needs to be included on each page.
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Phase 3: Design & Build

Once you've signed off the wireframes, we'll go away and produce the first working version of your website, this usually takes around a week but every project is different - we'll give you an estimate at the time.

If you've opted for one of our SEO (search engine optimisation) packages, this is when the initial research will take place as we will make small alterations to your on page content and build based on this to give you the best opportunity of climbing the search rankings.

When version one is ready, we'll send it over to you for review - and we can keep going through revisions until you have a website that looks and performs exactly as you want.


You already know that having a conversion-focussed website is an integral part of your online business strategy. We're there for you at every step of the way to give you exactly what you need to make it a success.

fully responsive

All pages designed and optimised for mobile and tablets as standard.
website speed

built for speed

Our build process and professional hosting produces lightning fast websites.

browser tested

We fully test your website to make sure it looks great across all major browsers.

seo ready

Our websites are built with search engine optimisation in mind from the beginning.

powerful cms

Our websites are built on the popular WordPress framework making updates quick & easy.

web & email hosting

Our packages include website & email hosting ensuring the best performance.

conversion focussed

Our websites are always built with your end goal in mind to get the best results.

fully supported

Full support and advice is included in our affordable maintenance contracts.

Worcester web design pricing...

So, how much does it cost to build a website? If you've been doing your research, you probably already know how hard it is to get an idea of costs without speaking to an agency, which can be a lengthy process in itself. We know we're one of the more affordable web design agencies out there (we've checked) ... that's because we have highly evolved internal processes, in short, we're more efficient.

It's impossible to give a firm price without that consultation as each project is unique - and that's what you're paying for, something unique rather than a cookie cutter website. Most of our clients prefer anonymity, which we respect - but here's a couple of scenarios based off past projects...
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Scenario 1 - Re-Skin

A well established website with less than 10 pages has become slow and outdated over the years as it has been neglected. Furthermore the brand has updated its logo to appeal to a new audience. The actual content of the website is fine for the most part, and any changes are provided by the client up front.

Nova were brought in to update the general design of the website to the new colours and logo and rebuild each page in the latest standards, ensuring responsiveness and speed with a "mobile first" approach. The client didn't require access to make any updates themselves. Nova also took over the hosting and maintenance of the website to ensure it was kept up to date from a compatibility and security perspective going forward.

Web Design & Build - £500 one-off
Hosting & Maintenance - £50 /monthly

Scenario 2 - New Website

A small business is looking to establish their online presence rapidly. They need domains, email, hosting, a website and ongoing promotion to gain rankings in search engines.

Nova were brought in to advise on and provide a domain name with email, design and build a new website with an ongoing SEO campaign with a blog strategy for promotion.

The website included a blog and the client required access to add their own posts in addition to those provided by Nova as part of the SEO campaign. A retainer was also put in place for priority access to content updates.

Web Design & Build - £850 one-off
SEO Research & Setup - £300 one-off
2 Days SEO Activity - £500 /monthly
Hosting & Maintenance w/ updates - £100 /monthly
As you can see from these examples, your individual objectives really are a major factor in determining the cost for your project. We're flexible and always looking to work within your budget, so our advice will always be tailored to that end.

In most cases, we can provide a quick quote based on a short conversation before this is refined into a more formal proposal - get in touch to see how we can help.
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