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PPC advertising is a highly effective strategy for "buying" website traffic that is looking for what you sell.

The term "Pay-Per-Click" refers to the fact that you only pay when someone clicks on your advert.

In most PPC campaigns it's about positioning links to your website in the paid search results in Google, giving you a top spot with maximum visibility - but we always recommend the best advertising platform for your business goals.

Our PPC advertising agency are highly focussed on getting you only the most relevant traffic through PPC meaning our ads are highly targeted and deliver the highest ROI possible.

With a professional PPC campaign you will start seeing real results within a couple of days as interested buyers start visiting your website.
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types of PPC advertising

Search ads

The most common ads you see in appearing in Google search results. These ads contain text with no visuals.

display ads

These ads appear on Google's partner sites for people interested in your business and can include an image.

remarketing ads

Remarketing targets people who have previously visited your website and is a great way to reengage potential buyers.

google shopping

Google shopping ads show buyers an image of your product and how much it costs before they visit your website.

local service ads

Available exclusively to specific local services these ads include your star rating and opening hours.

facebook ads

Highly visual ads on the popular Facebook platform these are perfect for remarketing and B2C advertising.

twitter ads

Good for a mix of B2B and B2C advertising, Twitter ads boost your engagement and expand your reach.

linkedin ads

The most powerful B2B advertising platform out there, we create highly targeted campaigns for great results.

PPC vs SEO for appearing top of Google search...

Firstly, if anyone is telling you they can guarantee you the top spot in Google, run!

The goal for any type of search marketing campaign isn't to be number one - that's almost impossible - it's to get "more better". More traffic to your website, of a better quality. And that's what we do.

What is the best way to get more website visitors? When the goal is to appear in Google for specific search terms, SEO, every time, no contest. Surprised? Don't be, SEO generally yields better, longer-lasting results and ultimately is more cost-effective.

However, it takes time to establish your online presence using SEO alone. If SEO is the long game, PPC is the shortcut. Using PPC, we can have you at the top for your chosen keyword tomorrow.

It's all too easy to burn through a PPC budget, and when you turn it off the benefits go with it. This is why we advise only running PPC advertising through Google as a supplementary service to a larger SEO campaign.
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PPC advertising costs explained...

How much PPC campaigns cost is mostly dependent on how much you're looking to spend. With PPC, the more you spend the more you get, it's an easy cause and effect model and in most cases spending more equals more visitors (to a point).

PPC is highly scalable, so we always recommend our clients start with a low budget, and when they can see how the campaign is performing make a decision on whether to up the spend.

All too often we see agencies either insisting on a high ad spend (this makes their job easier) or taking a percentage of what you spend on ads - again, this means it's in their interest to burn through your funds and up it quickly. We don't work like that.

Our PPC campaigns are designed to be supplementary to a wider multichannel approach including SEO, therefore we look to spend your money wisely as if it were our own.
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Google Ads Setup & Management

The costs depend on your individual objectives, ad spend and the channels we're operating on, but here's a common scenario based on other clients...

Supplementary Campaign

A small business is looking to increase their visibility in Google search results. SEO has already been identified as the best long term strategy and Nova have been brought in to put this in play.

The client also wishes to invest in a small Google Ads campaign to supplement this activity and bring in results, fast. The initial budget for the campaign is small, but could grow if they see success early on.

Nova were brought in to setup Google Ads, research the best keywords for targeting, craft ads that convert and continue to monitor, report on and optimise the campaign over time, making it more efficient.

Google Ads setup fee - £300 one-off
Management fee - £250 /monthly
Ad budget (paid directly to Google) - £150 - £500 /monthly
These costs are just a guide and will differ based on the following...

1. If the campaign is in isolation without an SEO campaign, the setup cost will be higher as there is more research to do.
2. If the campaign has a monthly ad spend of over £500, the management fee will be higher as we will spend more time analysing and optimising your ads.
3. If the campaign is based on different or multiple platforms (including social) then the setup and management fees will be more varied.

As you can see though, our pricing is clear, simple and highly competitive - but the best way to get a firm quote is to get in touch...
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