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It doesn't matter how amazing your website looks if nobody is going to find it. We help small businesses and start-ups with SEO in Worcester and the surrounding area.
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Looking for a Worcester SEO Agency?

We're here to help. Whether you are an established company looking to make ground on the competition or a start-up looking to establish your online presence, we'll be able to help.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used for making your website appear higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for specific search terms, ideally your "money keywords" (the phrases people use when they're looking for what you offer). By ranking higher for these terms you will get more visitors for your website and in turn, more business.

The problem is often that more than one website is trying to appear for these search terms (your competition) so search engines, like Google, need a little help deciding who to rank where for these keywords.
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SEO is the process of improving the chances of search engines finding, reading and ‘liking’ your website in order to improve the visibility in search for target key phrases. SEO is split into two main sections, Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO.

onsite seo

Onsite SEO is about ensuring that your website is technically correct so that there is nothing that could hinder the website from ranking well and making sure the overall content is as relevant as possible for both the search engines and user experience. Your content must include not only your target money keywords, but those that are associated with it - so it's important that the correct research is carried out.

offsite seo

Google considers over 200 different factors when deciding where to place a website in the search results. The biggest influencing factor is the trust acquired from backlinks which point to your website. Links from third party websites which point to yours act as a reference for your business online. Links must come from trusted and relevant websites in order to pass trust through to your website and help to improve rankings. This forms a major part of offsite SEO.
The goal of SEO shouldn't be thought of to get to number one on Google, nobody can guarantee that, but instead to increase the amount of relevant traffic coming to your website through search. In most cases, it's realistic to aim for the first page of the SERPs, often in the top 3 - but every campaign is different and we tailor our approach accordingly based on your unique industry.

Our Approach to worcester SEO

Traditionally, SEO professionals have obfuscated their activities with mysticism, painted it as some sort of dark art - the man behind the curtain. This is because the success of an SEO campaign is based on the assumption that we know what Google is looking for, we don't, nobody does - but these days, we have a good idea. You could say SEO is more art than science, but if it is it's more paint by numbers - it's a process!

We have all the tools, and more importantly the processes in place to get you real, measurable results from SEO. Typically, our SEO campaigns form part of a wider project where we take a look at the design and build of your website - but we can also undertake SEO in isolation, or even specific SEO activities on request.

Phase 1: SEO Website Health Check

Once you've given us the go ahead to launch your SEO campaign, we'll have some general housekeeping to do to make sure we have access to everything we need to do a good job.

This will include a review of your current website setup. We'll give it a good look over to check it for speed, browser compatibility and responsiveness - plus anything else that might be having a negative effect on your rankings.

We'll make any recommendations, or, if you're a Nova website customer we'll just implement them for you before we get started - it doesn't matter how much SEO activity we do if Google is penalising a badly built website.

Once that's done we can focus on the campaign itself.

Phase 2: Keyword Research & Campaign Launch

Once we know your website is in good shape, it's time for the keyword research and analysis part of the campaign. This is important, as it will form the basis of the entire campaign launch.

We will work with you to identify your "money keywords" and your search competitors - they may not be who or what you expect! We have proven processes to help us get all the learnings from you to identify these early on - it's all about asking the right questions.

We'll make our recommendations for which keywords we should be targeting in order to get the best results, and should you agree we'll launch the campaign.

Phase 3: Ongoing SEO Activity

From here it's all about doing things that get results! We have a proven step-by-step process for getting your campaign off to a good start, even though every campaign is unique to you there are always some quick wins to be had.

Depending on your campaign plan we will undertake a variety of SEO activities including blogging, PR, outreach & link building. We can, of course focus on a particular area (agreed up front in your proposal) but we find you get the best results when we can pivot between the different methods as the data comes in and opportunities arise - it's a fluid process.

Each month you will receive an in-depth report on the activity that has been carried out as well as your key metrics and ranking data. Most campaigns see measurable results within 3-6 months.

Worcester SEO pricing

SEO is a time-based exercise, therefore each month you are buying our time spent on the activities mentioned above with the goal being to improve your visibility in search results. The more days you purchase from us, the quicker you will see results as we have more time to spend on your account and execute a wider range of link building techniques and focus more fully on content marketing which takes more time but delivers stronger, more long lasting results.

We can provide custom pricing for specific activities such as link building only, or blogging campaigns based off your own keyword research, but for the best results we always recommend a monthly SEO package as consistency and flexibility is key to success.

During your initial consultation, after some preliminary research into your market we will make a recommendation based on your overall objectives and how much competition there is to rank for your chosen key terms - we specialise in working with small businesses and start-ups as we know how to get you real results on a tight budget. Each campaign will require a one-time setup fee of around £350 and then an agreed day rate paid monthly from as little as £250 /day.

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you with your search engine goals - just get in touch below!
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